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Ruby a.k.a Ikiru
7 January 1989
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Been drawing since I was little, haven't taken any classes because I don't want to pursue it as a career, although I would like to take some classes part time to learn how to not draw shitty. Speaking of careers, I want to become a translator. I'm planning to go to university to study Japanese. My dream is to translate animu/mango/vidyagaems for a living. That would be tits x 10000. Besides that, I'd love to translate unlicensed stuff, and hopefully more obscure stuff like visual novels and, and Fukumoto manga, since I could find the RAW manga at Book Off. FUCK I'M LUCKY TO BE LIVING NEAR VANCOUVER. I saw a whoooole shitload of volumes of Kaiji, but I can't read them yet because I'm not that fluent and it has no furigana. ALJSLKFJASLK IT WOULD BE SO AWESOME.